Leki Micro Stick
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Leki Micro Stick

by Leki

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Leki Micro Stick

The new Leki Micro Stick was originally designed for world reknowned climber and mountaineer Ueli Steck, whilst out in BUFFALO, NY on January 14, 2011 the new LEKI Micro Stick is a foldable four-section single staff pole that is ideal for fast and light hiking. It’s available in three fixed length sizes (43.4 in., 47.2 in., and 51.2 in.), all featuring a minimum pack size of 15.4 inches and weighing on average just 8.8 ounces.

Steck’s new partnership with LEKI inspired the company to make a pole that would align with his theory about gear, which is always a minimalist approach in order to achieve the highest speed. According to Steck, weight costs time. Steck has set numerous world climbing records, including the fastest solo mountaineer to conquer Eiger, Matterhorn and the Grandes Jorasses. In working with LEKI to produce the Micro Stick, Steck’s four main criteria for the new pole included:

A minimum pack size

Low weight

Fast and easy handling

The Micro Stick meets all of the above standards and more. LEKI’s well-proven SpeedLock System works as a tensioning device and provides stability for the Micro Stick when fully extended. The Micro Stick also features LEKI’s revolutionary AERGON (air + ergonomics) grip technology.

They are very quick and easy to assemble, weigh only 250 - 262g/pole, packs down to under 40cm in length and feel very sturdy - so it seems that Leki have achieved these aims! They really ooze quality all over and are a joy to use.

They are available in three overall lengths: 110cm, 120cm and 130cm.

To find out your size we suggest you can measure the height you use for existing poles from tip to top of the handle or by asking a friend to measure the distance from the top of your clenched fist to the ground when your forearm is parralel to the ground and the elbow makes a 90 degree angle.

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