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Lyke Wake Walk Two- The Revenge!

Posted on June 30 2018

Lyke Wake Walk Two- The Revenge!

So, not put off by last years crossing, I am attempting the Lyke Wake Walk again. Tomorrow in fact. Why? I hear you cry! Well plenty of reasons.

Firstly, it takes in some of the best scenery the North York Moors National Park has to offer. It really is a stunning setting for such a long hike. I have done the Yorkshire Three Peaks, and to be honest I found it incredibly dull, all grass land and little else. However, the moorland landscape changes, its subtle, but each moor has its own flavour, so to speak. The terrain changes to, from well-maintained paths to cross country sections. The history you walk through on the day is inspiring, from Neolithic stone circles and bronze age burial mounds to post-industrial Victorian train lines. Literally thousands of years of human history stretch out across the miles, etched into the landscape. Not to mention the natural history on offer. The North York Moors has it all.

There’s the physical and mental challenge. Its both. It will stretch me considerably. I have had a virus for the last six weeks and a shoulder injury for the last eight months, so my physical shape is worse than last year. So I am a little nervous this time, (I was last time though). But as a good friend reminded me, I should be a little nervous about taking on this challenge. But that’s also the point in doing it again. I like the challenge, pushing me comfort zone, (see my previous blogs).

Kits always a question too. I am wearing the same boots as last year, my Aku Tribute 2’s. They have bagged six more Munro’s and done countless moors miles but are still in good order. Bridgedale socks, and new ones too! The Leki poles are a given. I would not attempt it without a good set of poles. There advantages are many and they are well worth their weight. I will go with the Deuter Speedlite again. There is lighter, but its still low in weight and I know the comfort over the distance is good. Tried and tested.

So all I need to do now is the walk. We are doing east to west this year. I hope to do a film of the day, which might be interesting. So, game on!

Last years finish


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