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Lyke Wake Walk Second Crossing Report

Posted on July 14 2018

Lyke Wake Walk Second Crossing Report

With a bit of luck and some judgement we managed to complete the East to West crossing of the Lyke Wake. It turned into a very hot day, with the sun, once risen, never absent form the sky. This was forecast, so I prepared for the weather. I applied factor 50 before even leaving the house. That’s a top tip, if you take your time, you get all areas well covered. I learned the hard way, doing the Blue Mountain on Sky in very similar conditions. I missed a spot on the back of my leg and it burned raw. A small section, but boy did it hurt!

I also took three litres of water, pre-chilled in the fridge. I knew we where getting a re-supply half way and staying well hydrated was a key to comfort and success. I always use bladders and my Camelbak was most useful. I am good at estimating my usage and ran out just before the Lion Inn.

The Aku’s did me proud again. I used light weight Bridgedales on the first leg and switched to mid-weight bridgedales on the second. I figured, although they would be hotter, they would give more cushioning to tired feet. It seemed to work, as my feet did OK, but that second section was very hot.

My Tilley LTM5 was so appreciated that day. Again, I would advise a wide brimmed hat, so to give your neck and ears some protection. I went with shorts and a loose, decent base layer to start and changed to a shirt half way. I used my trusty Paramo Fuera windproof smock on the first stage. As the sun rose, it was fairly chilly and it did the job well. Been lightweight, it added little to my bag. And the Deuter speedlite did me proud yet again. Such a versatile sac, I was using it on my bike just the other day.

So, second crossing, its still a great walk in my eyes. I really enjoyed it, it was only in the last few miles I felt the distance. As for which is the best way, its really six and two three’s. At least this way, we started with the sun at our backs. Next one should be the winter crossing. There also the overnight, perhaps we will combine them both!

Here is a quick video of the crossing-



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