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MSR Pocket Rocket 2 Stove Review - 2017

Posted on February 04 2017

MSR Pocket Rocket 2 Stove Review - 2017

The MSR Pocket Rocket gas canister stove is a much loved piece of kit by Trailblazer Outdoors and many thousands of outdoor enthusiasts nationwide, and along with its stable mate the Micro Rocket you had a lighter, smaller alternative.

The original Pocket Rocket was a bomb proof, no nonsense stove that boiled water quick, was stable and difficult to break so you might be a little disturbed to know that MSR have changed it for 2017.

Let us introduce the MSR Pocket Rocket 2

I imagine that the MSR product team sat down in the meeting room after first making coffee, with a Pocket Rocket Stove of course, and said:

"Right, the Pocket Rocket what can we do to improve it?" 

"Make it smaller and lighter" came the reply

"But that would make it like the Micro Rocket"

"Good point"

After a few moments of furious thinking and finger drumming lightbulbs came on all around the room.

"Lets just take all the great stuff from both stoves and make one awesome stove"

"Yes!" (high fives all round at this point)

And that is what they did. (well in my head at least) Or possibly they just wanted to cut a SKU out of the range and put all the money into one stove.

So the new Pocket Rocket 2 stove is much more compact, you can fit it into a small cup for storage, its lighter, 73g against 87g for the old model.

It is stable with small and bigger pans or cups, the Micro made balancing small cups like a circus act, thankfully those days are over, thanks to wider pot fins and more teeth.

But really the best bit is the price, its still only £30, great value, just ask an original owner if they think its worth it?

Finally when the MSR product team reconvened buoyed by there success with the Pocket Rocket 2 design they hit a home run with a carrying case with a hinged lid, its easier to get open and you can't lose the lid. Plus, the retail packaging actually lets you see and touch the stove without opening  the box, it might be a small point but to us retailers its an obvious one that is often forgotten. As they say if you've got it flaunt it, well the MSR Pocket Rocket 2 is a genuinely lovely piece of outdoor kit, beautifully engineered, its gear porn without the cellophane cover.

So if in 2017 you find yourself in the market for a great value, lightweight, well built, easy to use (flame control is awesome) and stable gas canister stove then check out the MSR Pocket Rocket 2.

PS it fits all standard screw on gas canisters available in three sizes. 


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