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What outdoor activity makes you the happiest?

Posted on November 01 2018

What outdoor activity makes you the happiest?

Winter is fast approaching. The long, dry summer is fading already in some people’s memories. However, I look forward to winter and the possibility of snow and ice! Last March’s trip to the Highlands was wonderful due to the second beast from the east hitting us, giving challenging but dramatic, sublime landscapes to move through.

There is an important mix of skills and equipment that leads to safety in the mountain in such conditions, (there is in any conditions, but it becomes more acute in winter times). In the following video’s, you get sense of the challenges but also the rewards.

In a recent pole, (conducted by a wild swimming brand), mountaineering came bottom of the list in what outdoor activities made participants the happiest. Running was the top. As with all research, you need to be sceptical about its relevance. However, it did make me think that people weren’t doing mountaineering properly!

I can honestly say, as someone who also runs, (and has done a fair amount of cross-country trail running), that I have never experienced such intense highs as when on a mountain side, (as you can see in the films). Perhaps its down to a lack of understanding of the skills or more, I suspect, its down to inappropriate gear. Trail running requires much less kit, (although it’s still important to enjoyment).

For example, out ware I primarily use Paramo. I was head to foot in Paramo for all four days. The thing is, Paramo meets the demands of the environment, allowing me to concentrate on the experience. If I had a lesser jacket, it would have led to a potentially dangerous moisture build up and certainly my discomfort. I could talk about my fantastic Leki poles or my fit for purpose Scarpa boots, but hopefully you get the picture. The wrong kit results in a poor experience and poor enjoyment. At Trailblazer Outdoors, we understand your needs and what will make the activity enjoyable, which is what it’s all about! Mountaineering can give ordinary folk an extraordinary experience. Watch the video’s and see what you can aspire to. Come in a speak to us and we will help you make the right choices to take you to some extraordinary places.


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