Trailblazer Wildcraft Bushcraft

Trailblazer Wildcraft is our outdoor skills school. We specialise in wilderness access skills, often called bushcraft in the UK. On our courses, we take you through a range of bushcraft and survival skills to enable you to develop a better understanding and relationship with the natural world.




Our sites are all within the North York Moors National Park. Our main site is in Dalby Forest. We work in partnership with the local forestry commission and have a great location within the forest. There’s an amazing amount of resources on our doorstep, wild plants and a wealth of wild animals to observe and track. Learn how to build shelters and light fires, forage and track. We also have a close relationship with the National Park authority and run courses from the Sutton Bank Visitors centre. Here we can access the resource rich Lake Gormire, a local nature reserve, brimming with wild plants and animals. Learn firecraft plants and how to call a buzzard and many more fascinating skill sets.




Whatever your outdoor passion an understanding of bushcraft and survival will enhance your journey through nature. When walking you will learn to recognise plants that are useful friends and resources to our ancestors, adding interest to your walk. When cycling, your fear of getting lost or stranded due to a flat will diminish, as you will carry the knowledge of shelter, fire and food. This insight into nature is very natural for us and will never leave you. We have a modified saying, “you can’t see the trees for the woods”! Once you learn the trees, instead of a mass of green, you will pick out induvial species and know there uses. It’s a journey once started, you will never want to end. It opens your eyes to the nature and gives in insight into how our ancestors viewed the world for millennia. Let us be your guide on the journey and give you the right start in your discovery of bushcraft.



For more information log on to our home page here- or pop into Traiblazer Outdoors and have a chat with Andy. Enjoy your outdoors time.