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Grivel G12 New Matic Crampons

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An evolution of the Cramp-O-Matic system which utilises the C-O-M rear bale and lever. The plastic harness system is hinged from two front posts which retain the boot securely even if it has a shallow, worn front welt or overboots are being used. It is a simple and efficient binding, being far more versatile than the original Cramp-O-Matic style. Made in dual-component plastic: the black part is stronger, bearing the strain whilst the yellow part is softer, increasing adherence to the boot. The harness is made from the strongest, most durable plastic available -Zytel DuPont, which was developed for the manufacture of alpine ski bindings. Obviously it cannot last forever, so please, after long and severe use replace the harness the same way you would resole trekking boots or rock climbing shoes.

Grivel's G12 New Matic Crampons are classic 12-point C2 crampons designed for general mountaineering, alpinism, mixed and ice climbing, and moderate waterfall routes. 

These are about 950g per pair, so not a beginner’s crampon, but if you’re an experienced walker looking for the edge on dangerous ground, these can help. 

The four points that are perpendicular to the crampon rails, prevent shearing in soft snow and improve security while descending (facing outward). Because the four points are rotated through 90 degrees they make inclines easier and safer.

The G12 is easily folded for transportation and is delivered with the Antibott included (AntiBott are the anti-balling plates which work like bubbles- popping off snow that has compacted and balled up,, meaning you don’t have to keep stopping to dig your crampons out. )

The crampons are fully adjustable by hand, without tools, and one size fits all (up to size 47 - for larger sizes the Long Extension Bar is needed). This is a very handy feature when you’re miles from civilization, and make packing or an ice climbing trip slightly lighter! 

3D Stamp: Yes
B2: Yes
B3: Yes
Classical and technical Alpine routes: Yes
Crampon Rating: C2
Crampon Rigidity: Semi Rigid
Easy climbs: Yes
Goulottes: Yes
Ice falls: Yes
Material: Chromolly steel
Modern mixed dry tooling and competition: Yes
Number of Points: 12
Ski touring: Yes
Traverses: Yes


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