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Mountain King Trail Blaze Pole

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It is quite rare to find outdoor gear made in the UK but Mountain King are a British brand, they make poles in Newcastle from the highest quality materials with lots of care and attention to detail.

These Mountain King Trail Blaze poles are the winners of 'Best in test' for Trail Running magazine, they offer super lightweight and durable trail running poles that pack down to a size that will fit in any rucksack. 

The Mountain King Trail Blaze poles are primarily designed for running particularly ultras on although they could also be used as occasional lightweight trekking poles.

The poles only weigh 130g so are perfect for ultralight enthusiasts. With a  4-section construction from 7075 aluminium they collapse down to only 38 cm but thanks to top quality materials they have a high strength when subject to downwards forces.

The Trail Blaze Trekking Poles feature a Carbid flex tip that provides a durable and safe grip to almost all surfaces while Wrist strap provides secure handling and means you needn't put them down to use your hands.

The straps are attached to lightweight and padded Airflow grips, these are soft on the hands yet highly breathable in warm environment.

Holding the pole together is a strong perlon cord running down the inner this secures the segments in place and both poles have optional baskets which are provided for use on soft ground, helping you keep stabilised and supported through rough and rugged terrains. They also help prevent the pole digging in which can cause excess sideways pressure.

Each pole has a velcro strap on it to hold the sections together when collapsed.

Whilst they are hard-wearing they are still a very minimalist item that is only suitable for fast and light use and not for heavy trekking or standard fell walking use.

Sold as a pair and come with an airflow carry bag.

The poles will arrive in the bag in the folded position.

To assemble the poles take out of the bag and hold the perlon cord at the top whilst letting go of the rest of the pole, now grasp the grip and pole up on the cord until all the sections fit into place, keep pulling the cord until a knot appears, place the cord in the notch at the top of the pole with the knot outermost, releasing the cord allows the knot to sit up against the notch and stops the pole collapsing. Just pull the cord and lift out of the notch to release.

Always dry your poles after use, store in the collapsed state and never lubricate them.

  • 7075 Aluminium Alloy pole
  • Carbide wear tip 
  • Perlon cord 
  • Wrist straps 
  • Airflow grip 
  • Baskets 
  • Fold down - To a tiny 38cm.
  • Hand-made in the UK 
  • Perfect for ultra-trail running and lightweight hiking
  • Sold as a pair
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