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The Grid fabric is a relatively new addition to the amazing Paramo fabric family. It has amazing breathability, but also a great warmth to weight ratio. This is something often poorly understood, when comparing fleece. Thicker/heavier does not necessarily mean warmer. And some fleece is simply unbreathable and horrid to ware. This is premium fleece, and is at the top of the tree. We have used grid since its launch and rate it highly. These will be a very breathable and surprisingly warm choice of long john. (NB its always difficult to equate warmth, as we are all different, but in our experience, for it thickness this stuff is warm).

Paramo say-

Men’s Grid Long Johns are for outdoor people who enjoy various activities in cooler conditions.

If you participate in high energy activities in cooler conditions such as mountaineering, alpine climbing or mountain walking, you need to manage your temperature and the sweat you produce to stay dry and comfortable.

When worn next to the skin, the fast-wicking, directional Parameta® G fabric rapidly transports moisture away from the skin to keep you dry and comfortable. The fleecy grid pattern traps air for insulation when covered with a windproof layer. When worn alone or if venting is used, the gaps in the grid allow air to circulate next to the skin for cooling.



The Men’s Grid Long Johns have an effective design, flat seams and comfortable stretch.


  • Great freedom of movement and performance for a wide range of activities provided by a simple, effective design.
  • Optimum comfort due to flat seams, stretch, a gentle elastic waistband and ankle cuffs to prevent legwear from riding up.
  • Convenient fly front



Parameta® G fabric is two fabrics in one, providing cooling when needed and insulation when needed.

Parameta G FabricWhen covered with a wind-proof the fleecy grid squares trap air and provide excellent insulation. When uncovered the gaps between the grid allow moving air to go straight to the skin, promoting cooling. The structure of this next-to-the-skin fabric optimises lateral water movement for evaporative cooling, keeping you comfortable when you are working hard.

These features provide a fabric which can keep you warm and keep you cool, and therefore is useful in the widest range of temperature conditions and activities, from high mountain climbing to gentle spring and summer walking, and all year round cycling.

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